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November 5, 2024 Presidential General Election Resources

Candidate and Measure Information

List of OfficesList of contests on the November 5, 2024 Presidential General Election ballot. 
Unofficial List of Local CandidatesList of local candidates who have successfully issued/filed nomination documents for November 5, 2024 Presidential General Election during the nomination period that begins Monday, July 15, 2024 and ends Friday, August 9, 2024.
Unofficial List of Write-In CandidatesUnofficial List of write-in candidates who have pulled and/or filed write-in documents at the Office of the Registrar of Voters. An updated list will be available daily after 8:00 p.m. during the write-in candidacy period that begins Monday, September 9, 2024 and ends Tuesday, October 22, 2024.
Abbreviated Election Calendar​​​​Important nomination dates and deadlines for the upcoming Presidential General Election.
Notice of Final Printing Deadline​August 30, 2024 is the deadline by which all ballot language and County Voter Information Guide (CVIG) materials must be finalized, including resolving any legal challenges in court.
Governor's ProclamationThe Governor’s Proclamation for the regularly scheduled, November 5, 2024, Presidential General Election to fill federal, state, and any other offices and ballot measures as provided by law.
Notice of ElectionPresidential General Election - notice to the public.
FPPC Form 501 and VEL AgreementsCandidate Intention Statements (FPPC 501) and Voluntary Expenditure Limit (VEL) Agreements received by officeholders and candidates. 

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  • The Secretary of State and the County of Santa Clara Registrar of Voters office will conduct a randomized alphabet drawing on Thursday, August 15, 2024 at 11:00 a.m.
  • ​ ​Secretary of State's List ​​
    • Results from the randomized alphabet drawings conducted by the Secretary of State's Office
  • ​County of Santa Clara's List​ 
    • Results from the randomized alphabet drawings conducted by the Registrar of Voters Office