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County Voter Information Guide Delivery Options

Frequently asked questions

How do I change the way I receive my County Voter Information Guide?

​Follow this link, County Voter Information Guide (CVIG) Opt Out/Opt In. You can also find this form in every County Voter Information Guide published by the County of Santa Clara Registrar of Voters, or you can write us a letter.

The law requires the ROV to confirm your identity, with your request, please include your name, residence address, birth date, email address and your signature. If you use the electronic form, your “legal signature” should include your California Driver’s License or Identification Card number, or the last 4-digits of your Social Security number. Any email address provided for Opting Out is confidential. ​​​

When will my request go into effect?

Your voter registration record will be updated as soon as we receive your request. Please keep in mind that depending upon when you submit your form, your guide mailing for the upcoming election may already be in process. The option you select may not take effect until the next scheduled election.

How will I receive my electronic guide?

Commencing forty days prior to the election, you should receive an email notification that your County Voter Information Guide is available and a link to your guide determined by your registered residence address.

You can also go to our Online County Voter Information Guide Lookup. You will need to enter your street number, street name, and zip code.​

If I do not like using the electronic version of the guide, can I go back to receiving it by mail?

Yes! Follow the same link, CVIG Opt Out/Opt In, or use the form in your guide or you can send a letter with your request. Again, we will be required to confirm your identity so please include your name, residence address, birth date, and signature.

Is the CVIG available in accessible formats?

​Yes. The CVIG posted on our website is compatible with screen readers. The Registrar of Voters also offers the CVIG in audio cassette and audio CD. To request a copy of this guide in accessible format, please contact us at (866) 430-VOTE (8683​) or by email: [email protected].

What happens if my email changes?

If your email changes and our office receives an undeliverable email notification, your record will automatically be updated to receiving your County Voter Information Guide by mail.​